Listen to my 2006 marathon! I'm proud of this, to be honest. Music direction by the sublime Sterling Price-McKinney, with Rob Garcia and Vince Giordano - 2 of New York's greatest jazz musicians - completing the band. click this link: http://www.sh-k-boom.com/georgemcohantonight.html Get this CD now direct from Sh-K-Book Records
Buy this at Ghostlight Records


Buy this direct from me. It's my first CD and in my opinion about 50% of it is pretty stunning. As for the rest, well, hey 50% is pretty good for a first stab. It's $15 and you can get it by contacting me: jon@jonpeterson.biz


Many artists contributing to this album of Johnny Mercer's finest. Mine is the final track,a beautiful Tex Arnold arrangement of DREAM/THIS TIME THE DREAM'S ON ME. Tex plays on it too. Buy The Johnny Mercer Jamboree Here:


Known as "Anna - der Film" to deferentiate it from the earlier TV series (which I was not a part of), this movie I did in Germany starring the wonderful Sylvia Seidel holds so many fond memories; working intensely as one of the main characters in the movie, but also as assistant choreographer to Molly Molloy. I was BUSY! Buy "Anna Ballerina" here - remember it's on PAL, so you need a DVD player that is multi-system.