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JON PETERSON: Some Reviews


Jon Peterson, a newcomer to Goodspeed, is first-rate in the demanding role of Arthur Kipps. Peterson is never off-stage and never out of the spotlight, whether acting, singing, dancing or cavorting. His thick Cockney accent, a bit difficult to adjust to at first, complements his quirky personality, and his societal faux-pas and often exaggerated silliness, demand terrific energy and conviction to keep the character believable.
In Jon Peterson, this production has (IMHO) the perfect Kipps.,,,In this production I'm seeing Kipps - Wells' everyman - in the very best of hands. Here Kipps is a character...someone I could relate to, someone to enjoy...
The cast is marvellous, with Jon Peterson giving a high-powered performance in the starring role that was created four decades ago by Tommy Steele
Terry Teachout - Wall Street Journal (Aug 29, 2008)
The lovable Jon Peterson, in the leading role of Kipps, carries Musicals Tonight!'s heavily staged concert version of Half A Sixpence single-handedly. He's a bloomin' sensation.
Lisa Jo Sagolla - Backstage (Apr 3, 2008)