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JON PETERSON: Some Reviews


"I HAVE only cried at the theatre twice. This was the second time...It is rare in a musical to include a piece which pushes an actor to the edge of his ability but the scene when one of the young dancers, a gay Puerto Rican called Paul, describes his life was worthy of any 'heavy' piece of theatre.
The young actor Jon Peterson deserves to be showered with theatrical awards.
I have never seen an actor hold the audience in the palm of his hand for so long..."
Sancha Tetlow - Birmingham Express and Star (UK) (Mar 2, 2011)
"Again, Jon Peterson's Paul, a performer whose life is a domino - mostly black - is very fine. In fact, Mr Peterson's tragic soliloquy is an essay in fine acting of a kind that stilled a packed house."
Richard Edmonds - Birmingham Post - 5-13-97 (UK) (1999)