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Paris rehearsal studio, 1990. Working for Molly Molloy. I would get to rehearsal at least an hour before anyone to do my thing, caught here by a Japanese photographer. Always self-contained, self-contained...
London, 1995. I never had movie star looks, but I will never NOT flaunt it if I got it!
London 1987. My beatnick phase (one of them...) They were extensions and would fly out like shooting slugs when I danced. Eventually I just pulled 'em out!
Pin-up from teen rag BRAVO.  Munich, 1988.
Ugly, ugly and 80's to-boot! I was doing CATS in London at the time. I worked so damn hard, you'd think God would have had the decency to make me pretty.
London, 1993. A period where I was really loving life.
London 1993. I'm probably thinking, "If I could just stay this young..."
Los Angeles, 2005. I love this town, but hate the traffic. I'd give it a go, but my partner won't, so I stay where the love is...
Hampsted Heath, 1989. London will always be my real home. It's in my genes.